single handed boating

Yachting in Dubai is real! Just 40 km from the city, on the vast ocean, you can plunge into the world of yachting. A sailing trip, a corporate yacht or a romantic sunset photo session - all this is organized every day by rental yachting. Renting a yacht in Dubai and other Arab Emirates is an exclusive and not too expensive pleasure, vivid photos and a memory for the whole summer. Experienced captains will make your vacation safe, you can please your children with a fun sailing trip, celebrate a birthday with friends or give your loved ones a gift certificate.

Rental Yachting is a unique project for the development of yachting in the Kharkiv region, renting sailing yachts of various classes on the basis of the water area of Dubai. The yacht is an environmentally friendly mode of transport, it moves under sail, without vibrations, unlike a boat with a noisy gasoline engine. A trip on a yacht is an exclusive vacation, a great birthday present, a wonderful background for bright photos. We have been working since 2014, with the most experienced captains, without intermediaries and we guarantee the quality of our services! In addition to the sightseeing walk, we can offer you corporate rest, photo shoots, master classes on teaching yachting, in our fleet there are 3 yachts, each of which with its own merits and will satisfy the most demanding taste. Experience an elite vacation on a snow-white beauty gliding smoothly on the water under a sail, become a part of the yachting movement, learn to manage it yourself - all the possibilities are in your hands.